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About us

Welcome to our SCALP TATTOO STUDIO pages.


We are a new team of two who have decided to bring men but not just them a help.

Micropigmentation of the scalp (or head micro-pigmentation, SMP, hair tattoo, scalp tattoo) is a simple but long-lasting way to create

an illusion of dense hair or shaven head.

In our opinion this is a great solution because it is a natural solution and unlike many other less costly solutions.

We use an organic pigment that is gradually absorbed, does not contain heavy metals, and will not change shades in comparison

with the classic tattoo colors. such as blue. This will give you a natural look.


Read more and learn more.


We look forward to meeting you.



CEO & Founder, Scalp Tattoo Artist

I never thought, because I always had plenty of hair, that once I get my hair and I come.


I lost my hair mainly in the front of my head and it moved more backward. I was not happy with it, constantly wearing the caps to cover my receding forehead. I could not identify with this change.


There are more ways to take care of thicker hair. Everyone likes something else. Everyone can be satisfied with another result

Micropigmentation brings you an illusion of dense hair roots and shaved effects.


I do not have to solve anything just to shave my head every few days and I can go. And I feel good, younger and especially happy.


S&M MANAGER, Scalp Tattoo Artist 

Years in sales and marketing have shown me that if you are working with the product or service you believe in everything is possible.


I have known about micropigmentation for years and I have always liked and admire this type of service and watched how it is growing in the world.


The naturalism of the scalp tattoo - migropigmentation is amazing. And I think that it's just what men expect from this procedure.


It's a tattoo technique, but with special needles, special pigments in the upper layer of the skin, and therefore it is not necessary to worry about the incomprehensible aspect that works artificially.


Beware of various other techniques that will produce the opposite result as you expected.

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