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  • Scalp Tattoo Studio Slovakia
  • Scalp Tattoo Studio Slovakia


References from our clients

We appreciate your confidence and thank you for your sharing your

experience with micropigmentation from us.

 Boris a Marek


Marko, 32 y.o., Slovakia

I was comparing several similar services in Slovakia and SCALP TATTOO STUDIO had the only pictures of their own work on several clients. I was persuade about this procedure with them because I saw their work also on the actor Ján Slezák.

The first impression was very positive. I got an answer to everything I was interested in. I was most convinced that both Boris and Marek had micropigmentation, and I could see how micropigmentation looks alive.

The procedure was not painful and the first results were already seen after the first session. I saw a step for the better immediately after the first session, but I did not fully realize the result until the time I watched older photographs and I would certainly never return to the original "hairstyle". Certainly I recommend to any man who has problems with hair loss to come live to convince.

Viktor, 24 y.o., Slovakia

I learned about SCALP TATTOO STUDIO directly from a friend who underwent micropigmentation and I was very surprised and intrigued by the nature of the tattoo.

The first impressions after the consultation were great. The guys are very accommodating and very pleasant people with whom you have a lot to talk about during 4 hours of tattooing. At the consultation, they will explain all the benefits and limitations and care of the tattoo.

After the first session you do not have to expect to leave with your head ready and it ends there. Of course, for the first time, you will get a corner when you look in the mirror and suddenly finally your head as if your hair.

In my opinion, the result is perfect. The best thing you can get with us if you do not want to undergo autotransplantation of hair in the clinic for thousands of euros (of course micropigmentation is on the other hand intended only for those who are willing to shave their heads). Carefully follow all instructions and care for the tattoo after the procedure, and the effect that will occur will be exactly as it should be.

Definitely recommend.

Tomáš, 49 y.o., Slovakia

After experience and consultations with several tatters, I came to SCALP TATTOO STUDIO and I knew I was in the right place.

The guys at SCALP TATTOO STUDIO explained everything to me, they took care of me and understood my idea. I felt a high professionalism.

The result met my expectations. People I know ask me why I won't get a longer haircut when my hair is so thick :)

The procedure is totally cool, nothing demanding, nothing that cannot be resisted.

In a word, satisfaction.

No need to worry. SCALP TATTOO STUDIO are professionals and the result will be very natural.

Robo, 34 y.o., Slovakia

Choosing Scalp tattoo studio is one of my best choices. For a long time I was annoyed that I was almost hairless, and for some time I was looking for possibilities to do something about it.

Fortunately, I found these guys and now I am after the second session and I am fully satisfied with the outcome (I have about one more session left), but I can see an incredible change from what I had on my head.

Thank you and I wish you many more satisfied clients.

Tibor, 46 y.o., Hungary

I saw SCALP TATTOO STUDIO on instagram and i really liked their work.

They were very kind and helpful, nice place, clean and demanding environment.

First / second session:

Same as the previous answer and they solved the language issue with an interpreter.

The result is a really natural effect and comfortable, I feel my own.

Absolutely recommended

Miňo, 46 y.o., Slovakia

I decided to chose SCALP TATOO STUDIO because I liked their reliable website.

First session - Excellent consultation, explanation of whole process - pros and cons.

After the first session, I was completely satisfied. I was convinced of their professional expertise.

The final phase - getting what I wanted, the self-confidence.

100% recommendation, 0% dissatisfaction.

Ján, 40 y.o., Slovakia

I am very grateful to Boris and Mark for asking me if I would like to try 3D scalp micropigmentation (SMP).I would not think about it by myself, but now I think it would be a mistake. I thought I was satisfied with my look, but it blew my head. I was convinced not only that it really looks like my friend says like a "shaved head full of hair". But also a very cool, friendly, fair approach of the guys from SCALP TATTOO STUDIO. I was most sympathetic for not forcing me, introducing me their work, all explained, and as soon as I left after the first meeting I was sure I will come back. Everything is going on in a pleasant environment with music or conversation, in a relaxed atmosphere - I slept twice during the scalp micropigmentation. After the first sitting (rather lying), I was very excited and the final result ...the feeling that you have a shaved head full of hair is so real to me, that I really physically feel that my hair is all over my head. I'm really glad that SMP found me - maybe for some it may be uselessness but my personal feeling was important and I have been dealing with it more than my friends. Now I'm glad that they react very positively to the result...Great...

P.S. It was worth to endure even the 5 days after the SMP without sports activities and trainings, which is a superhuman performance for me. 

Dodo, 41 y.o., Slovakia

I would really like to thank SCALP TATTOO STUDIO for great communication, willingness, professionalism and advice. I am very happy and, most importantly, my surroundings have accepted my change positively. I recommend it to everyone who wants to undergo the change.

Fernando, 38 y.o., Spain

We choose your studio because my wife got her wedding makeup with Boris, so we already knew how professional your studio is, I knew you will make the best job possible.

The first impression was great, the place is pristine clean, I received all the detailed information before start and I expected to receive the consultation of the best option possible for me.

The first session was great, it took some time to find the best hair line possible and after that the procedure was easy, after some hours the first result was a huge improvement, the dots were a little bit separated and of course the was some redness but it disappeared after a couple of days, the procedure hurts a little only in the very front part, the only difficult part was to avoid touching the head until the 6th day. 

The second session was a lot easy, it was absolutely painless and the result was immediately great, all the spaces between the main dots were filled with small ones and even with the little redness looks very natural which means after it is completely healed and faded out it till look perfect.

 can`t be more happy with the result, It`s been only two weeks since the first session and it already looks natural, once it fades out until the final state no one can tell if its real or not from a very short distance. Also with the professionalism and the care for the detail, I am sure there is no way I could Choose better.

John, 29 y.o., United Kingdom

I decided for SCALP TATTOO STUDIO for a number of reasons.

Originally, I never thought I'd find a company outside the UK where I was from.

But I found out that I can make a trip, get to know a new place and also fulfill my dream of SMP at a much better price without waiting for a few months.

I am extremely satisfied, and this still has one session for me. I can only recommend the quality of services, price and approach of the artists.

Salomon, 31 y.o., Portugal

Perfect natural look, exactly what I was looking for and great value for money. I will come back definately when the color will fade out. 

František, 40 y.o., Slovakia

I chose SCALP TATOO STUDIO because I have confidence in both Boris and Marek, and personal consultation with them has made me to do this treatment.

Of course I was little bit concerned, but after consultation my fears disappeared.

I had two sessions, second one after two weeks.

Expectations came mainly after the second session, where the color and precise contours of the hair were fine.

With the result I am very satisfied and I certainly recommend SCALP TATOO STUDIO to anyone who resolves a similar problem with hair.

The boys are professionals, give advance and last but not least are very friendly.