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3 main reasons for hair loss and why we lose hair

You have different options to mitigate, change the condition of hair loss. There may be another solution for each method. If some are inappropriate for you, you still have the option of choosing one. But why do we come to our hair?

Premature baldness is mostly attributed to gene and heritage, but not only these but also various other influences cause hair to come earlier. Do you want to know more? Read on.

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  • more than 85% of men around 50s know what hair loss is, many men start to lose their hair already 21 years of life

  • wearing caps helps to hair loss - the answer is NO, as well as more frequent combing, or rummaging in the hair

  • smoking has many bad effects, as well as a link with hair loss

  • hair loss may not even mean a health problem for you, just aesthetic if you do not already feel the hair with a miracle product for rapid growth or recovery of already lost hair, you might want to talk to your dermatologist with male-type baldness, the hormone DHT, which reduces the hair follicle so much, can not grow any hair

  • even strands need their maintenance, which is both demanding and financial, and you want them to act naturally

Use of large quantities of chemical products All those stunning hairstyle ads, whether on television or in magazines that look on models and models, are perfectly compelled to use too many chemical ingredients in hair cosmetics daily (shampoos, conditioners, lotions, masks, oils, hardeners, gels, , colors, ...). It does not make hair and hair even well. Coloring, discoloration, use of products and heat (females) can also cause corn rootkins and hair loss. The fact that you continue to use such products can have a long-lasting effect on your skin and permanent hair loss.

Unhealthy lifestyle This is obviously more for women than for men, but we men are also victims. Nervous men do not have gynecological problems, but they may have hormonal effects, but they are more harmful to unhealthy eating and drinking. Poor guts do not help you have strong hair. A healthy lifestyle will help slow hair loss. Lack of nutrients Consistent with the previous point, if you suffer from eating disorders such as anorexia, or you get into a diet trap, you start to lose important nutrients from your body and hair afterwards. Insufficient amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals can cause root deficiencies and ultimately lead to hair loss and baldness. A number of drugs, including vitamins Many drugs have various side effects, including hair loss. It is also harmful as well as high amounts of vitamin A as well as protein deficiency. These are the most common causes of baldness in men other than genes and age, of course. But the real question is how to deal with it? Symptoms of baldness can be frustrating and unpleasant and act as severe wounds in self-confidence.

But there are ways to deal with it.

  1. Destroy those chemical products and replace them with something more organic.

  2. You can decide for hair transplants, but that would cost you a lot of money. And at the same time the effect at all may not be as good as you imagine. The worst drawback, however, is that in the long run, you will need to take medication that will hold the bumps in the skin. More than half of the hair may look like it may not take the body.

  3. One of the newest options is the so-called " "hair replacement," which is actually the blunt you are going to give to regularly stick to your head. It's a costly process because you have to go abroad, regularly every month to patch, shave part of the head and cut another part of the head.

  4. The easiest and cheapest way to fight premature baldness is to choose the best procedure for micropigmentation of the scalp. And that's what we offer for you. There is little compared to the previous two, but the result is great. We will draw a new hairline and fill with natural pigmentation to get the natural look of your hair. It is a natural solution, we use an organic pigment that is blended to match the tone of the skin and the color of the hair. Subsequent care is simple. Re-filing is required at your own discretion for two / three or more years, depending on how long your pigment receives your body. But you can be absolutely sure of the process of micropigmentation of the scalp because it remains for a good four years. This is our answer. If you are interested in micropigmentation, read more articles, information, photos, see, and do not hesitate to order a free consultation. We look forward to meeting you :)



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