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My story - Boris

A scalp tattoo (or tattoo of hair or hair follicles), also known as the micro-pigmentation of the scalp, is a new developmental procedure for men suffering from hair loss. This is My Story - Boris, CEO and Tattoo Artist SCALP TATTOO STUDIO Slovakia

before and after SMP

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What I remember, as a child, I could spend an immensely long time in the bathroom at the mirror and try it as impossible and impossible on my hair. It went on until puberty, almost all hair colors did not come to me because life is a change. Even on my always straight and fine hair I have not always tried a permanent one: D Yes it is funny now, and it was even then. I have inherited the thinner and finer hair, and I have somehow reconciled it with my 20th birthday. It was getting worse everywhere, and it was no longer just a corner, but the hairline was shifting. Then there was a break. After one curative treatment with strong medications, my hair was completely diluted in a few months. I always liked caps, and then they became my daily part of the day. I did not put it down in the public at all. I was not at all identifiable with my outlook. There were states of anxiety associated with the states when I was talking about, they are just hair. But it did not make sense of it and she was looking for options. Vodics, special shampoos, or other chemical products did not have a chance. I did not hesitate and I was informed about the possibility of transplantation. However, as the hair density was not at all even after this surgery as I imagined. As there would be no certainty that the "new" hair would be caught. Because I would have to take other medications to keep my skin in my skin, but I did not want another treatment, because my other hair looked. So I was looking forward.

There are more options. E.g. Hair replacement Enough I wondered if this is not something for me. It's blunt, or a piece, It can be made to measure, but the value is over 2000 euros and some month it will take until you receive it. However, you must visit a specialist every month to take care of it, scrub your head, cleanse, degrease, and cut your hair to match the hairpiece. He then sticks. However, this service will cost around 700 euros per month. The closest expert, whose work I liked and did according to my ideas. So I found the most natural in Germany and the UK. And this was a point for me thinking about this option. Tickets, accommodation, ... Scalp tattoo - SMP - Micropigmentation This was another option for me. I've been thinking about it for a long time. About two years before I decided, he ordered and went to the UK. Now I'm sorry I did not go ahead. This technique has captured me, I have tattooed hair roots, and basically people who did not know me even knew they did not notice. I feel better, more comfortable and even younger. And this feeling is worth it. For this we have decided that SCALP TATTOO STUDIO will deliver a quality, though not easy and time-consuming, service to Slovakia, and help to find self-confidence among men in our country. Although not the cheapest technique, it is worth it. As opposed to the rest of the world, we have lowered the price to make this procedure more affordable and you did not have to deal with expenses in addition to travel or accommodation (in foreign travel).

We look forward to meeting you :)



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