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Basic knowledge about micropigmentation

Hair tattoo (or tattoo of hair or hair follicles), also known as micropigmentation of the scalp, is a new developmental procedure for men suffering from hair loss.

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Instead of fighting baldness by taking various medications or thinking about expensive hair transplants, we have decided to bring a more practical solution - the tattoo of "hair." You are embroiled in the idea that hair tattoos are pretty crazy "fake" and you can not do it nor imagine on a bald head. But this is a practice that has been in the world for many years and brings with you an affordable solution to your problem that can "replace" reddish hair, repair bald places, and generally offer the look of full and lush hair. , which you need to know about head micro-pigmentation, including what it's all about and how much it costs!

What, then, is the micro-pigmentation of the scalp? Micropigmentation of the scalp (ScalpMicroPigmentation) is actually a procedure in which micro needles are used to inject pigments into the skin. SMP is basically tattooing a few thousand tiny spots on the head directly between the hair follicles. Since the pigment is applied to the full surface of the scalp, the tattoo of hair thus ultimately resembles the natural look of real hair roots on the shaven head. We can also say that tattooing hair is creating a shaven head illusion. The end result, however, will remove the already mentioned bald spots, and fill in the missing hair with alopecia. How much does this procedure last? Micropigmentation of hair typically requires two to three sessions, each of which takes between 2 and 4 hours. Procedures are performed at approximately weekly spacing. The appearance of shaved head takes about 2-5 years (depends on personal care and protection), after this period you can come to the so-called " touch-up / top up, respectively. "Tapping" or restoring the procedure.

How Much Does Micropigmentation Been Headed? The actual costs of micropigmentation depend on many different factors, for example, from where you undergo the procedure itself, from the type of clinic you choose, from the amount of tattooed area, etc. In the world, prices are moving at baseline tattoos (lysine overlap) from about 1,500 -2,000 pounds. However, the full overlap is usually between 2,400 and 4,800 pounds. To do this, you need to think of additional costs like tickets for all procedures, transfers from airport / back, accommodation, meals ... We, of course, come with another price strategy, but we always consult our clients personally. Is micropigmentation painful? Most men feel only slightly unpleasant feelings during the micropigmentation procedure, it also depends on your pain threshold and on the experience and expertise of the tether. Moreover, some areas of the scalp may be more sensitive, but during the procedure, moderate "pain" becomes more tolerant. Did not find the answer to your question, click on FAQ's where we answer the most frequently asked questions. If you do not even find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to write to us.                                                                                                                                     We look forward to meeting you :)



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