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How it works in SCALP TATTOO STUDIO?

Various salons/clinics/companies are offering SMP, and any types of techniques, also can offer also different amount of sessions needed for the final result. Mostly 2-3 sessions. Some of them says that only 1 session is needed.

We believe, that these information can help you.

If you have no idea what can you expect when you decide for micropigmentation? Please read below.

INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION Once you have a question about our services, we recommend the first meeting. This is a non-binding consultation. Here you will find answers to all questions you have and even more. There you will see if you are at all suitable for micro-pigmentation (contraindications), up to the overall course of each session. At the same time, we can tell you exactly what the price is, because we already see the total area that we need to tattoo. It is also possible to draw an approximate hairline and area that would be adjusted by micropigmentation if the client has sufficient hair length. To see how it works for you. When you decide for micropigmentation, we will agree on the date for first session.

FIRST SESSION Before the first session you will get a list to ensure that you are in good health condition and sufficiently prepared for micropigmentation. This is a longer sitting, up to about 3 hours. First, we go through the bureaucratic part, when you read the documents you need to get started. Then we select the shade that we will use for the whole tattoo area. The head adjusts to sharpening or shaving to the conditions required for work. Sketch a tattoo area and approve it with clients.

We prepare the pigment to begin with micro-pigmentation. Most of the time the client is for comfort. Only the final client is sitting. However, it always depends on the large area and the parts of the head we are currently working on. All this is done under all the necessary hygienic rules. Upon completion, the client is aware of everything he needs to know for subsequent skin care for the near future. After this session, the first tattoo is tinted. It should be taken into account that after the healing the redness will be gone and the result will be more natural and the dots will be finer. We will agree on the next term. This is possible at the earliest after 7 days, when the skin is already heavily healed.

SECOND SESSION The second session is most important. There will be essentially the same process as on the first meeting. But with the difference that the final appearance and density is determined here. It is possible to choose a completely different shade from the first sitting. This is about creating a 3D effect of shaven head full of hair roots. Because each skin is different, it reacts to the pigment when dry, otherwise to the oily skin, so the result is different for each client. Therefore, after healing the skin after the second session, the client decides whether he will still want the third last session.

In the photo, you can see the client BEFORE micropigmentation and the second photo AFTER when the skin is healed. He is still waiting for him to fine-tune the little things.

THIRD SESSION The third session is in the total agreed price but must be completed within 3 months of the last session. With it, the last possible details, density or line are tapped and tuned. The length of that sitting may also be a half shorter compared to the first and second seating. After a second or third sitting, the micropigmentation will last individually from 2 to 5 years. Mostly it will not disappear completely even after a long time, but the dots become lighter. After years, it is possible to come to a new thickening and darkening, Touch up. We hope we've helped you a little bit in the show. For more information, see the other articles in the blog or FAQ                     We look forward to meeting you :)



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