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Why tattooing a head on by a classic tattoo artist may not be a good idea

Not a tattoo like a tattoo. Why? Read on

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In the figure you can see the client's tattoo abroad. His surgery was very successful with some of the UK's most renowned experts.      However, as the effect seemed no longer significant after a year, and he wanted to save, he addressed his known - tether.      You can see the original micro-pigmentation / hair tattoo in brighter gray-black shades. The tethered pigment is all bluish.      Removing bad tattoos can only be done chemically, so that pigments will emerge from the skin with the chemistry. It is a state of long-term healing, a shroud, ... It is necessary to think of home treatment and a clean environment.       If you do not get a classic color pigment, the tattoo could be refined and darkened, or you could remove a part of the laser.       Here's a good example of why you do not need to experiment unnecessarily. Tattoo Classic tattoos use common tattoos and pigments. These contain different substances, including metals that change over time. That's why black can act as a blue, greenish, ... Tattooing needles for tattoos are bigger, while making the skin as cuts, not just punches and what's important, they go deep enough. This is a lasting procedure. Micropigmentation of hair follicles - Scalp Tattoo (Hair Hattoo)

Here are used single (individual) needles that are in the thickness of the hair. They make micropicks that gently touch the surface of the skin, so they go to a depth of 1-2 mm. Pigments are organic, metal-free, so they only fade with time as fast as their body absorbs. It is about 2-5 years old. It is individual to everyone. It may be less and more. We believe we have helped.



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